Water Well at

Medical Clinic in Quinta Linea, Paraguay

Sponsored by: Jonathan Erwin

There is a wonderful story behind the donation for this well - Jonathan Erwin is the third generation to support one of our water projects! His grandmother, Vera Taylor raised funds to support the Methodist Technical School Well in 2007 in memory of her husband, Glenn Taylor. After Vera passed away, his mother, Martha Erwin raised funds in her memory to support the Palomita Methodist Church Well in 2008.

More than 10 years later we were contacted by Martha's son, Jonathan requesting if he could also sponsor a well in memory of his grandmother, Vera. So the community of Quinta Linea is blessed by the continued generosity of this wonderful family!

Newly constructed Medical Clinic at Quinta Linea

Our long time friends and colleagues, Christian and Angelica Dickson are the missionaries who built the Medical Clinic and sought our assistance in drilling the well. Here they are with their two beautiful daughters, Camilla and AnaBelen.

Dickson family

Perforagua equipment arriving on-site

Starting the well drilling

We have worked with the drilling company Perforagua for many years. The owner and chief driller extraordinaire is Sr. Jose Palermo, a good friend and colleague. His crew worked hard to get us a great well.

Drilling into the night

Cleaning the well after installing the pump

The well is now installed. Future phases include installation of an elevated water tank and running the water to the clinic. The community of Quinta Linea is greatly blessed by this project. To God be the Glory!!

Technical Details

Project date: December 2019

Location: Latitude - S 24° 26 Longitude - W 56° 09

Elevation: 232 m. above sea level

Project Cost: $4,800 ($4,000 for well paid by Jonathan Erwin, remainder by other donors)

Type of project: Installation of well and elevated water tank

People served: Medical Clinic and about 20 surrounding families

Well depth: 263 ft.

Submersible pump: 1 Hp, 220 volt

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